Emerging Market Bond Fund




Here are a few investments for emerging market bond exchange traded funds (ETFs). While there are not many option right now, the number of investments has been growing rapidly.

Invesco PowerShares Emerging Market Sovereign Debt Portfolio. Ticker is PCY
This ETF was launched in early October, 2007, and gives investors another way to invest in an emerging market bond.

The iShares JPMorgan USD Emerging Markets Bond Fund. Ticker is EMB.
This emerging market bond ETF was just launched in early 2008.
EMB Bond fund holds dollar denominated bonds, so fund holders are neither hurt nor helped by any currency fluctuations. EMB also has a relatively small number of holdings, at only about 35, but that is still more than PCY's, which only has 25 holdings.

State Street Lehman Emerging Markets Local Sovereign Debt ETF
This ETF is still being registered. More on the State Street Emerging Market Bond Fund.


Emerging-market ETFs now come in various shapes and sizes, but for those bond investors who want exposure to this area, a broad-based fund is typically the best place to start. As with the one investment, you can spread your dollars across a number of countries and currencies and get exposure to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The fool investing


Market Potential Index for Emerging Markets - 2008   The focus of this study is ranking the market potential of 27 countries identified as an "Emerging Market" by The Economist magazine. The Emerging Economies comprise more than half of the world's population, account for a large share of world output and have very high growth rates which means enormous market potential. Study



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