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Emerging Market Bond ETFs: Here At Last
Sure, emerging markets can be volatile as well as unpredictable, but that is where you will find the growth. Read more on bond exchange traded funds.


Read About An Analyst Who Sees New Markets Opening For ETF Investors, Including Emerging Market Bond Exchange Traded Funds. Read more.


Prominent fund manager sees global investment shift. Emerging Market Bonds will be a strong asset class. Continue with more.


iShares has announced that the iShares JP Morgan Chase Emerging Market Bond fund has raised over $200 million USD in assets since its launch this past February, and is reflecting the continued demand from investors for emerging market bond exposure. More.

Markit has announced an emerging market bond index as well
Markit has published index levels for the GEMX index, which is a group of benchmark indices that reference emerging market debt. Continued.


Emerging Market Bonds tell an important story.
Emerging-markets bond funds, a group that has come out of relative obscurity and has begun to play a front-and-center role in arguably one of the great economic stories of modern times. They have also made some very nice money along the way. More.


You can get more and higher returnes out of your bond portfolio.
Read about fixed-income funds that could be a welcome supporting players in your portfolio. More.



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