Emerging Market Bond Fund




Best Emerging Market Bond Funds From Thestreet.com


The Street.com recommended three emerging-market bond funds, that they called fabulous. They were the MSIF Emerging Markets Debt Fund (MSEHX), the PIMCO Emerging Local Bond Fund (PELAX) and the Eaton Vance Emerging Market Local Income Fund (EEIAX)

These emerging market bond mutual funds are concentrated in fixed-income instruments issued by both foreign and the U.S. government, and the typical foreign investment is maxed out at 70%.

What is interesting to note is that these funds allocations to United States government debt can range from 10% to 30%, so these funds are not strictly international or foreign. They are global funds with both emerging market and U.S. exposure. This concentration and blend of countries in sovereign debt has paid off well.

Some of the countries that these funds invest in include the Czech Republic, Brazil, Poland, Indonesia and Mexico, and Hungary.



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